Is Hsbc Mortgage Still In Business?

In recent years, headlines and rumors have been swirling about HSBC’s shift in business strategy, leading many people to wonder: Is HSBC Mortgage still in business? This question has arisen due to various announcements from HSBC about selling certain segments of its operations and pivoting its focus to other markets. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current status of HSBC Mortgage and what the future holds for potential and existing customers.


HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, has been a mainstay in the mortgage lending sector for decades. Offering a range of mortgage products to customers globally, HSBC has been a go-to choice for many homebuyers. However, recent strategic shifts have raised questions about the future of HSBC Mortgage.

The Strategic Pivot

It’s no secret that HSBC has been refocusing its business model over the past few years. In 2020, the bank announced that it would be divesting from its retail banking operations in the United States to concentrate on its wealth management and commercial banking sectors, particularly in Asia. This was a significant step that naturally raised concerns about the fate of HSBC’s mortgage business in the U.S. and other markets.

What About HSBC Mortgage?

As part of its strategic pivot, HSBC has indeed sold off some of its mortgage portfolio. For example, it sold its French retail banking operations, including the associated mortgage assets, in 2021. However, it’s crucial to note that selling certain parts of its business doesn’t necessarily mean that HSBC Mortgage is winding down entirely.

HSBC continues to offer mortgage products in many markets. In the UK, for instance, HSBC is still a very active mortgage lender. While the bank has shifted away from certain mortgage markets, it hasn’t exited the mortgage business as a whole.

Impact on Existing Customers

If you’re an existing HSBC Mortgage customer, there may be questions about how these changes will affect your mortgage. In most cases, even if HSBC sells its mortgage portfolio, the terms of your loan agreement will remain the same. Any sale or transfer would be done in accordance with local laws and regulations, ensuring that customers’ rights are preserved. If your mortgage is sold to another lender, you should receive official communication outlining any changes and providing information on how to manage your account moving forward.

Future Prospects

HSBC’s strategic realignment aims to make the bank more competitive and profitable in markets it deems more essential. While this means some changes in the mortgage offerings, it does not signal the end of HSBC Mortgage. The bank still competes actively in various mortgage markets and may even introduce new, specialized mortgage products in line with its new focus.


While HSBC has made a strategic decision to sell off some of its retail banking and mortgage operations, this doesn’t mean HSBC Mortgage is out of business. In several markets, HSBC continues to offer a range of mortgage products, and there is no sign that the bank plans to exit the mortgage business entirely. Existing customers should remain vigilant for any official communications from the bank regarding their mortgage agreements, but for now, it appears that HSBC Mortgage is still very much in the game.


Is HSBC exiting the mortgage market entirely?

No, HSBC is not exiting the mortgage market entirely. They are refocusing their business and have sold off some mortgage assets, but they continue to offer mortgage products in specific markets.

What will happen to my existing HSBC mortgage?

If you have an existing HSBC mortgage, your loan terms should remain the same even if HSBC sells its mortgage portfolio. You will receive official communication if there are any changes.

Is HSBC still a reliable mortgage provider?

HSBC continues to be one of the world’s largest banks and remains a reliable mortgage provider in markets where it is active.

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