Is Hsbc Mortgage Booking Fee Refundable?

When navigating the intricate journey of securing a mortgage, potential homeowners encounter a multitude of fees, each serving its unique purpose. One such fee that often surfaces in discussions is the “booking fee.” This upfront charge, sometimes also known as a “reservation fee,” is levied by some banks, including HSBC, to secure a particular mortgage deal or rate for the applicant. Given its nature and the financial commitment it represents, a common and pertinent query arises: Is this booking fee refundable? In the ensuing discussion, we will delve into the specifics of HSBC’s policies surrounding the mortgage booking fee and its refundability.

Is the HSBC mortgage booking fee refundable?

Navigating the mortgage application process can sometimes feel like navigating a maze of fees and charges. One such fee that potential homeowners often inquire about is the mortgage booking fee. If you’re considering a mortgage with HSBC or have already begun the process, understanding the terms around this fee is essential.

What is the Mortgage Booking Fee?

The mortgage booking fee, sometimes known as a reservation fee, is a one-time charge imposed by many banks, including HSBC, when you choose a specific mortgage deal. It’s essentially a fee to ‘book’ or ‘reserve’ the mortgage rate you’ve been offered, ensuring it doesn’t change during the application process.


Generally speaking, the mortgage booking fee is non-refundable. This means if your mortgage application is unsuccessful or if you decide to withdraw your application or choose a different mortgage product, you won’t usually get this fee back.

However, there can be exceptions based on specific mortgage products or promotional offers. It’s crucial to read the terms and conditions or directly ask HSBC representatives about the refundability of this fee for your specific mortgage product.

Why is it Non-Refundable?

The rationale behind the non-refundability of the booking fee is that the bank is reserving a specific rate for you, potentially keeping it off the market for other customers. This involves an opportunity cost for the bank.

Fee Amount and Payment:

The amount of the booking fee can vary based on the mortgage product you choose and other factors. It’s typically paid upfront when you submit your mortgage application.

Some mortgage deals might offer a lower interest rate but come with a higher booking fee, while others might have no booking fee but a slightly higher rate. It’s essential to factor this into your calculations when comparing mortgage products.

while the HSBC mortgage booking fee is typically non-refundable, it’s always prudent to be clear about the terms associated with any fee you pay. By staying informed, you can navigate the mortgage process with confidence and clarity.

How much is the HSBC mortgage booking fee?

The journey towards securing a mortgage involves various fees, with each bank having its unique fee structure. For potential homeowners considering HSBC as their mortgage provider, the mortgage booking fee is a point of consideration. But how much does HSBC charge for this fee?

Definition of Mortgage Booking Fee:

As a refresher, the mortgage booking fee, sometimes referred to as a reservation fee, is a charge levied by banks, including HSBC, when an applicant opts for a specific mortgage deal. The fee essentially ensures the agreed-upon rate is ‘reserved’ or ‘booked’ for the applicant, preventing it from fluctuating during the application process.

Fee Amount:

The exact amount of the HSBC mortgage booking fee can vary. It depends on several factors, including the mortgage product chosen, the duration of the mortgage, promotional offers, and other parameters set by the bank.

As of my last update in January 2022, the booking fee could range from no fee at all to several hundred pounds. However, the financial landscape and bank policies are dynamic, and fees can change based on market conditions, bank strategies, or promotional periods.

Finding the Current Fee:

To determine the exact current booking fee for a specific HSBC mortgage product, there are a few methods:

HSBC’s Official Website: The bank’s official website often provides detailed information on various mortgage products, including associated fees.

HSBC Mortgage Advisors: Booking an appointment with an HSBC mortgage advisor can provide tailored advice and up-to-date fee information.

Mortgage Brokers: If you’re working with a mortgage broker, they should have current details on HSBC’s products and associated fees.

the HSBC mortgage booking fee can vary based on the chosen product and other factors. To ensure clarity and make informed decisions, always check the current fee amount directly from reliable sources.

When do I need to pay the HSBC mortgage booking fee?

When securing a mortgage with HSBC, potential homeowners need to be aware of various fees and their respective timelines. A commonly inquired about fee is the mortgage booking fee. Given its significance, it’s crucial to understand when this fee is payable during the application process.

Understanding the Mortgage Booking Fee:

Firstly, it’s important to reiterate what the mortgage booking fee entails. Also known as a reservation fee, this is a charge imposed by HSBC when a borrower decides on a particular mortgage deal. It essentially ‘reserves’ the quoted mortgage rate, ensuring it remains unchanged during the application process.

Payment Timeline:

Typically, the mortgage booking fee is required to be paid upfront, at the time of submitting your mortgage application. This initial payment secures the specific rate or mortgage deal you’ve chosen.

Methods of Payment:

Depending on HSBC’s current procedures, you may be able to pay the booking fee via direct bank transfer, credit/debit card, or other approved payment methods. It’s essential to clarify the payment method in advance to ensure smooth processing.

Fee Confirmation:

Once you’ve chosen a particular mortgage deal and are ready to proceed, HSBC will usually provide a breakdown of the fees payable, including the booking fee. This ensures transparency and allows applicants to prepare for the payment.

the HSBC mortgage booking fee is typically required at the outset, right when you commit to a specific mortgage deal. By being clear on when and how much to pay, you can ensure a smoother mortgage application journey.

Can I get a refund if my application for a mortgage with HSBC is declined?

The process of applying for a mortgage can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. When considering HSBC as a mortgage provider, it’s crucial to understand the implications of a declined application, particularly regarding fees already paid. One common concern is the refundability of certain charges if the application does not succeed.

Types of Fees Involved:

Mortgage Booking Fee: This is an upfront fee that some applicants pay to secure a specific mortgage rate or deal.

Valuation Fee: Often, when applying for a mortgage, the bank requires a property valuation. There’s typically a fee associated with this.

Administration or Processing Fee: Some banks might charge an administration or processing fee covering the costs of processing your application.

Mortgage Booking Fee Refund:

Generally, the mortgage booking fee is non-refundable. So, if your application is declined or if you decide not to proceed, you likely won’t receive a refund for this fee. However, terms can vary depending on specific mortgage products or promotions, so always read the fine print or ask for clarity.

Valuation Fee Refund:

If you’ve paid a valuation fee and HSBC hasn’t yet conducted the valuation, you might be eligible for a refund. However, if the valuation has already taken place, this fee is typically non-refundable.

Administration or Processing Fee:

The refundability of administration or processing fees can vary. If significant work has already been undertaken on your application, the bank might not refund this fee. However, if the decline is early in the process, there might be a possibility for a partial or full refund.

while some fees associated with a declined HSBC mortgage application may not be refundable, others might be, depending on the circumstances and timing. If your mortgage application with HSBC is declined and you’re uncertain about fee refunds, it’s always best to contact HSBC directly or consult with a mortgage advisor for guidance.

Can I transfer my HSBC mortgage booking fee to another property if my purchase falls through?

The property buying process can be unpredictable, with deals occasionally falling through for various reasons. If you’ve secured a mortgage rate with HSBC and paid a mortgage booking fee, you might wonder about the flexibility of that fee, especially if you’re considering purchasing a different property. Let’s delve into this scenario:

Mortgage Booking Fee’s Purpose: Before discussing its transferability, it’s essential to understand the mortgage booking fee’s primary function. This fee is usually an upfront charge imposed by HSBC to ‘reserve’ or ‘book’ a specific mortgage rate or deal, ensuring the rate doesn’t fluctuate during the application process.


The ability to transfer the booking fee to another property largely depends on HSBC’s prevailing policies and the specific terms of the mortgage deal you’ve chosen.

Historically, some banks, including HSBC, have offered a degree of flexibility, allowing borrowers to transfer their mortgage deal (and associated fees) to a different property if the initial purchase doesn’t complete. However, this is subject to specific conditions and might not be applicable to all mortgage products.

Time Constraints:

If HSBC does allow the transfer of a booking fee to another property, it’s often within a specific timeframe. You’d typically need to complete the mortgage process for the new property within this period to benefit from the transferred fee.

Potential Limitations:

while it’s possible that HSBC may allow the transfer of a mortgage booking fee to another property, it’s essential to verify this directly with the bank or through a trusted mortgage advisor. Understanding the terms and conditions associated with such a transfer can ensure a smoother transition as you redirect your homebuying efforts to a different property.

Are there any circumstances where I can get a refund for the HSBC mortgage booking fee?

The HSBC mortgage booking fee, often charged to ‘reserve’ a specific mortgage rate or deal, is a significant concern for many potential homeowners. Understanding its refundability can help in planning finances and in managing expectations. Let’s explore the circumstances where a refund might be possible:

Standard Policy: Typically, the mortgage booking fee is non-refundable. It is charged to secure a particular mortgage rate for you, ensuring that the rate remains unchanged during the application process, even if market rates fluctuate.

HSBC’s Discretion: While the standard policy may be non-refundability, banks, including HSBC, often have a certain degree of discretion. If, for example, an error occurred on HSBC’s end, they might consider refunding the fee.

In exceptional circumstances, such as severe financial hardship or significant life events, the bank might review the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Special Mortgage Offers: On occasions, HSBC might launch promotional mortgage products or campaigns where the booking fee could have different terms, including potential refundability. Always be sure to read the fine print or ask the bank for clarity.

Withdrawal Before Processing: If you decide to withdraw your application before HSBC has begun any substantial processing or before any significant expenses have been incurred on their end, there might be a chance for a partial or full refund. However, this is highly dependent on the specific circumstances and the bank’s policy.

while the default position on the HSBC mortgage booking fee is typically non-refundable, there might be specific situations where a refund or an alternative solution is possible. If you’re uncertain or if you believe you have a valid case for a refund, it’s crucial to communicate directly with HSBC or consult with a trusted mortgage advisor for guidance.

Is there any way to avoid paying the non-refundable HSBC mortgage booking fee?

Securing the best mortgage deal often comes with associated costs. One such cost with HSBC might be the mortgage booking fee. While this fee helps to lock in a specific mortgage rate, many prospective homeowners understandably seek ways to minimize expenses. Here are some strategies and considerations to potentially avoid or reduce the non-refundable HSBC mortgage booking fee:

Opt for a Different Mortgage Product:

HSBC, like many banks, offers a range of mortgage products. Not all of these products might come with a booking fee. Explore different options and see if there’s an attractive deal without this fee. However, always consider the overall cost and benefits, as a mortgage without a booking fee might have a higher interest rate or other charges.

Negotiate Directly with HSBC:

Especially if you have a good credit history, a strong relationship with the bank, or are borrowing a significant amount, you might have some negotiation leverage. Approach HSBC to discuss the possibility of waiving or reducing the booking fee.

Work with a Mortgage Broker:

Mortgage brokers often have relationships with various lenders and might be privy to special offers or be in a position to negotiate on your behalf. They might be able to guide you to a deal without a booking fee or help negotiate terms with HSBC.

while the non-refundable mortgage booking fee is a standard charge for some HSBC mortgage products, there are strategies and alternatives to consider if you wish to avoid it. Always focus on the bigger picture, considering all costs and benefits, to ensure you secure the best overall mortgage deal for your financial situation.


the question of whether the HSBC Mortgage Booking Fee is refundable depends on the specific circumstances and terms of each individual mortgage agreement. It is essential for potential borrowers to carefully review all documentation and consult with a representative from HSBC to fully understand the refund policy. While some borrowers may be eligible for a refund if they choose not to proceed with the mortgage application, others may not be entitled to any reimbursement. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, it is recommended that individuals inquire about the refundability of the fee before making any commitments or payments. By being proactive and informed, borrowers can make confident decisions regarding their mortgages and ensure they are aware of any potential financial implications.


What is the HSBC mortgage booking fee?

The HSBC mortgage booking fee is a charge that some borrowers might pay to ‘reserve’ a specific mortgage rate or deal, ensuring that the rate remains unchanged during the application process.

Is the HSBC mortgage booking fee refundable?

Typically, the mortgage booking fee is non-refundable. However, there might be certain circumstances or promotional offers where refund terms could vary.

How much is the HSBC mortgage booking fee?

The amount can vary based on the specific mortgage product or promotional offers. It’s essential to check the exact amount with HSBC or review the mortgage product’s terms and conditions.

When is the booking fee due?

The timing can vary, but often, the fee is due at the beginning of the mortgage application process. However, specific timelines should be confirmed with HSBC.

If my mortgage application is declined, can I get a refund?

Generally, the booking fee is non-refundable, regardless of the mortgage application’s outcome. However, it’s always good to check with HSBC or review the terms for any exceptions.

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